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Mike Stone and Steve Mitchell met at Keele University in the early 1980's. As well as enjoying the mystical realms of elves and dryads, beer and parties, laced with a smattering of study, they soon discovered a mutual interest in music making and writing with local bands. Steve and Mike already had graded examinations under their belts in their respective instruments so with a degree in music they started to attract attention further afield with Mike's flowing lyrics augmenting Steve's very individual music. Steve's musical direction of the European premier of Annie Warbucks led him into contact with Warner Chappels and in 1997 Steve and Mike formed Buzz'n'Bee Music to promote their composition. Writing in styles as diverse as folk, reggae, blues and traditional jazz they have been commissioned to compose for everything from Australian children's TV to a title track for a Warner Brothers film. More recently they were asked to write music to underscore a Granada TV series in the style of Clannad. Steve and Mike had already been prompted to compile a C.D. of their music and were working on a second one for empowerment and meditation when, as a result of an internet publicity drive for this new album, tentatively named Soul Path, they were asked to perform at Philip Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK and Soul Path the band were born.
Described as a fusion of Enya, Clannad and Dido their music is something else with its own unique style and sound. It comes from the heart and soul and most importantly from the universe itself.

Within minutes of listening to their music I had come up with the term "voice of the universe" and ever since then I have been constantly in awe of the beautiful, sensual, provocative and diverse music that these three people draw from the depths of the soul. Steve feels the music in a way I can only say classical composers have and Mike writes lyrics that Sassoon himself would cry over. Together they are a unique band that far surpasses the majority of the mindless popularized rubbish that we are constantly bombarded with. In short, all too often this band is too good for a world divided. I wholeheartedly back these guys and in fact one of the largest record labels on the planet were themselves so impressed that they have been signed for not only several album deals, but to also write and perform the music for my own DVD's. If you ever wondered just what the voice of the universe sounded like, then listen to Soul Path.
Philip Gardiner, 2006.

Music of pure enchantment, as if angel voices were administering healing vibrations.
Brad Steiger, 2006.

As a clinician, I am deeply aware of how music impacts people in ways that words alone seldom do, and so if you, like me, seek optimal body-mind-spirit wellness, I wholeheartedly suggest you take a daily stroll on the Soul Path.
Dr. John Jay Harper, 2006.

y father was a church organist and the house was filled with the sounds of Widor's Toccata and Fugue and strangely enough The Carpenter's since as long as I can remember. Unfortunately the record was scratched and I have only recently been informed that they didn't sprinkle moondust in his hair of blue! I was inspired to take up piano at the age of six and by my teens I was playing the Toccata and Fugue on the church organ. I was less inspired to take up clarinet but did it anyway and ended up by my early twenties leaving Keele University with an honours degree in music. Since then I have found myself using music as a tool for healing and transformation, focussing on people with special needs in health and social services, education, prison services and community based projects. I have also spent many years as a professional director and musical director and have been commissioned to compose for various stage and dance productions. 

I have studied Reiki and Chios (another form of energetic healing) to master and teacher level and regularly lecture and facilitate workshops on a range of esoteric subjects. I honour my gift as a psychic counsellor whilst acknowledging that I am fascinated with the point at which the magical and mystical and scientific meet.
Watching music empower people, whether by performance, encouraging others to perform or simply reaching someone locked into their own world with a single note is my inspiration. 
Is the music mine or does it come from the universe? In essence we and the universe are one and music for me is the universal language which transcends everything else.

ello, and thanks for getting this far.  I am lucky enough to be brought up in a household which was open minded towards music.  My dad who is older than me always had time to listen to any new album I'd bought and then, in turn, play some shit hot jazz to me.  Guess that's what drew me to Steve, that and the fact that he managed to give me a 48 hr hang over from his punch.  I DON'T DO HANGOVERS.  His music has a tendency to gently take you by the hand and once you know where your going to you're spun around, turned upset down, shaken and most definitely stirred.  (I know this is meant to be about me but after 20 years of us being mates I'm sure that what you want to know about me will be covered in there.)  Life has been behaving itself pretty much this year till a few months ago, when he called round with a rather tasty person of the female variety.  And I happily admit my first impression was, thank god he's with a woman that I can talk to who hasn't within 5 mins asked if I am always this drunk, to which Steve's normal answer would be 'no, this a good day'.  People ask me do I believe in magic. Listen to the fusion. Of course I F***ing Do. And then when life was pretty good it got shit hot when we met a new friend, Phil. 

I played trumpet from age 7 till I was 16 you work it out. Played guitar for last couple of years.  Write lyrics.  I'm lucky to know and work with both of him. (Steve: I think he meant them, in a grammatical sense that is, but by this point the amount of beer and wine in his blood system may have doubled his already blurred vision .. we love him, his heart is in the right place. On the other hand his liver and kidneys would probably prefer to be somewhere else entirely)