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music and film featuring songs by soul path

music for healing and empowerment

a journey of spirit and soul

ambient celtic folk meditation music

Featuring songs and music, old and new, this is the interim CD from Soul Path with Steve Mitchell and Mike Stone, combining the enchanting vocals of Feradre and James  with special guests including Roger Wallace, Mark Olly, David Berkinhead, Damien Cavanagh and Nick Ashron.
Celtic Myst/Cyhiraeth/Open Your Eyes
Morning Light
These And Many Other Things
Mma Yana
Avalone (instrumental)

From us to you with peace and love
All tracks sampled as MP3.
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© copyrighted to Steve Mitchell and Mike Stone 2005-2007
Recorded at Buzz'n'Bee Music Studios

films from Real2Can Films
The music of Soul Path has been used on many films from Real2Can Films to date, including The Real Bloodline, Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed, Secrets of the Serpent: In Search of the Sacred Past, Dragons and Rings, and The Cross Of Thoth to mention but a few.

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A new film from Real2Can and Reality Films by Steve Mitchell answering the questions scientists are still loathe to put on public record:
What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?

How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomenum?
Was it by chance or did an elder human race really have intricate knowledge of the dynamics of interdimensions hundreds of thousands of years ago?

Featuring the atmospheric music of Soul Path and many other artists from Reality Entertainment, the first in a series of films by Steve Mitchell, available now from Real2Can Films and
Films that will challenge your eprception of reality

the secret